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Richpeace informatizó el modelo de la promoción 1300x900m m 80 laser del laser del laser del laser del w que cortó la máquina lengraving

Lugar de origen: 
Tianjin, China (continente)

Información básica

Modelo: RPL-CB130090D08C

Descripción del producto

Especificaciones Modelo estándar de la promoción: RPL-CB130090D08C
Área de trabajo grande: 1300x900mm Tubo doble del laser de la cabeza 80w 3000 horas de trabajo

Descripción del producto
Máquina de grabado y corte láser Richpeace

1. Ensure precision of template sewing traces;
2. Guarantee smoothness of template edges, no hurt to the garments;
3. High working speed and save raw material;
4. High corrosion resistance, easy to clean and no deformation;
5. Special upper and lower exhaustion structures, effectively discharge smoke to meet the environment protection requirement

Funciones y funciones principales:

La única estructura de escape de humo superior e inferior hace que el humo salga de la habitación.

Podría ser directamente conectado con Richpeace Garment CAD, y el apoyo a la salida de muchos tipos de formato de datos: BMP, GIF, DMG, DXF, DST, TIFF, PLT, CDR, JPEG.

Laser tube type

sealed CO2 glass laser tube

Laser power


Processing area(mm)

600*400,900*600, 1200*600, 1300*900, 1400*800,

1500*900, 1600*1000, 1900*1000

Power supply


Cooling mode

Water cooling

Standard collocation

Water cooling system, 550W exhaust, micro-air compressor

Selected collocation

Two laser heads

Engraving speed


Cutting speed


Cutting thickness

0-25mm acrylic(others determined by materials)

Support Graphic Format


Información de la empresa


Richpeace Group Co., Limited. takes the responsibility of developing high-tech industrial standard, concentrates on reforming and advancing the traditional industry by new technology, advanced and applicable techniques under the corporate idea of "lead by science and technology, then industry advances; make every effort, then gain the prosperous and the first class; honestly operate, then true love returns". Richpeace Group became such a high-tech enterprise with 12 companies directly under or stock-controlling. The directly under or stock-controlling companies has been nation-famous in textile and garment industry.

Through the years operation, Richpeace invested has formed the operating structure of technique's pluralism, series of products, sales networking, and international marketing, constructed 6 informationized textile and garment industrial terrace of computerized embroidery, computerized garment, computerized knitting, computerized quilting, computerized shuttle, and industry automatic control systems, developed self-owned intellectual property right of high-tech products of hundreds of products kinds, 24 series, and 6 classes. Richpeace has 24 patents in textile, garments, and embroidery industry, hundreds of software copyrights, 6 corporation's standards, and over 20 honors. And Richpeace has over 20 selling channels, 13 professional network stations. Main products exported to over 50 countries and regions such as North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and Africa, with more than 20 international agents.

While "Peace" is the eternal subject of human beings, and "Rich" is the common goal of human beings, Richpeace Group will make joint efforts with the customers, shareholders and employees to develop a bright future side by side.


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